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Whether you are looking for information on dog training, dog health, or dog behavioral problems, has done the research for you.  We have gathered the information you need and put it all in one place in an attempt to give you the knowledge you need without having to search all over the Internet.

Exploring Dogs Paws

When you explore Dogs Paws, you will not only find information on the most common health questions, but you will find information on the best foods to feed your dog, homemade dog treats, common dog behavioral issues, caring for your dog, dog health insurance, adopting a dog, and more.

Did you know most commercial dog foods can cause serious health issues?  Do you know how dog health insurance can save your dog’s life?  Have you ever wondered why fleas continue to live in your home after you have spent all that time spraying?   What is the best way to save a dog’s life?  How can you prevent your dog from becoming anemic?  These questions and more are answered within the pages on this site.

Basic Training vs. Behavioral Training

Training can be categorized into basic training and behavioral training.  Basic training involves training your dog the basics that will hopefully help to prevent any behavioral issues.   Behavioral training involves training your dog to stop inappropriate behavior, such as puppy biting, jumping up on people, and dog chewing.

Basic Training

Why is basic training your dog so important?  Basic training is necessary to ensure your dog learns to listen to your commands and respects you as an alpha leader.   Teaching your dog basic training commands is essential for your dog’s safety.

What would happen if you never trained your dog to stop or sit?  This may seem trivial at first; however, consider if you were walking your dog in the park and he sees a squirrel.   That squirrel happens to run across the street.  If you never teach your dog to stop, he will run after the squirrel across the street where tragedy could strike.  However, you could avoid this tragedy if you simply taught your dog to stop.

Are you having trouble getting your dog to listen?  There are many different dog training collars available for training your dog.  However, while there are many to choose from, they are not all recommended or safe for your dog.  In fact, dog training collars should be used as a last resort.  There are many different techniques that you should consider trying before you use dog training collars.

Two techniques to use for basic training are:

  • Crate Training – Crate training puppies and dog crate training is also essential for your dog’s safety.  Are you one that thinks using a crate is cruel?  If so, you may change your mind when your puppy gets into the garbage where you threw away old medication, or when he decides to play with the wires when you are not looking.   There are many dangers lurking within your home.  A crate should only be used to ensure your dog’s safety.  It is not to be used for punishment or for long periods of time.  In these instances, this would be cruel.  Crate training is only meant to be used as a tool to help keep your puppy feel secure and safe.
  • Leash Training – Leash training is necessary if you ever intend on taking your dog for a walk, which is highly recommended.  Your dog will need to be able to listen to you when you are out and about.  Leash training will keep your dog from dragging you around.

Behavioral Training

Sometimes your dog will develop behavioral problems even when you perform basic training.  Therefore, specific behavioral dog training will be necessary.  Does your dog jump on people?  Does your dog bark at everything?  Is your puppy chewing up the house?  Is your puppy constantly biting you?  Is your dog digging up your yard?  Dog Paws will address these issues and will give you the steps you need to stop these unwanted behaviors.

Dog Health

Did you know there are steps you can take to help your dog live longer?  Of course, you cannot predict how long your dog will live.  However, you can take steps to give your dog a healthier start.  Making sure you get your puppy vaccinated on time is essential to giving your puppy a healthy start.

There are specific puppy vaccinations that play an important part of protecting your puppy against disease.  This site has a puppy vaccination schedule that many veterinarians follow.  This is a basic puppy vaccination schedule and could differ depending on the type of dog you have and where you are located.

Watching the food you give your puppy is also a critical aspect for giving your puppy a healthy start in life.  In fact, healthy dog food is an essential part of your dog’s overall health and could increase your dog’s lifespan.   On this site, you will learn what to look for in a healthy dog food, as well as ingredients you should avoid feeding your dog.  Did you know that many commercial brand dog foods actually contain chemicals that can cause serious diseases?  Learn what some of these ingredients are and alternatives that you can feed your dog.  You will also find some tasty all natural recipes for treats.

Fleas are another threat to your dog’s health.  Puppies and adult dogs alike can suffer from the effects of fleas.  Fleas can carry disease and can cause your dog to be anemic if you don’t control them.  On this site, you can learn some all natural tips to control fleas.  You will also learn how to control fleas in your home.

Adopt a Dog

If you are looking to adopt a dog, this site gives you some information on where you can find a lovable dog.  Adopting a dog is a big, yet fulfilling responsibility.  There are millions of homeless dogs that need someone to love them.

Make sure you are truly ready to take on the responsibility of raising a puppy or adult dog.  Once you are positive that you have the patience and love to give to a new addition to your family then you can make a decision on a special little puppy or dog to bring home.

Dogs Paws is designed to help you take care of that new addition to your family.  Learn everything you can to take care of your puppy so that you can ensure he is around for many years to come.   Discover the knowledge you need to make sure your puppy has everything he needs to live a long and healthy life.