Furminator Reviews

At certain times of the year, dogs shed their fur like crazy. Our Furminator reviews will determine if this deshedding tool can help control your dogs shedding.  Every dog owner knows that when a dog sheds they leave a lot of fur all over the house because of it. In the case of some breeds, you are can almost create a whole other dog in the fur you clean up. And what about the fur that is almost impossible topick up, like all that fur on your clothes? How about your dogs favorite couch? Instead of having to clean it up, wouldn’t you rather keep it from getting all over your house in the first place? Enter the Furminator.

What does the Furminator tool do?

The Furminator Deshedding Tool can pick up most of that hair easily – just as much as 80% actually – well before it even gets onto your stuff. It operates by taking out the tufts of dead hair that build up in what’s referred to as the undercoat. The Furminator isn’t merely the usual grooming brush. It’s specifically made to avoid a pet’s shedding before it even starts. And, while it  cost a little extra when compared to a standard brush – doesn’t that make the expense definitely worth it?

How does the Furminator work?

The Furminator is basically a special type of blade on a ergonomic easy grip handle. The blade is a lot like a professional set of clippers however you don’t use it to actually clip hair. It works by gliding it across the dogs coat. As it glides it pulls the loose undercoat out leaving the topcoat in a great condition. Because you’re not cutting the hair, there  is no clipper movement or noise to make your dog nervous. Instead, you run the Furminator’s fine toothcomb over the dog in short gentle stroke to easily grab and remove the excess dog fur. Most dogs will consider it a treat!

Finally, you may enjoy the company of your precious pets without the annoyance that arises from all the shedding hair. Permit them to take a seat on your legs or even leap on the couch. That’s an ideal angle so that you can brush them, in the end. And, because the brushing is really a relaxing and comforting feeling, they’ll love you much more. On top of that, regular brushing of your pet really helps to increase their circulation, that also keeps them healthy.

Even better, regular brushing of your pet’s coat will help reduce matted hair clumps, which make trips to the groomer really awful for furry pals. In fact, the Furminator could save a few trips to the groomer altogether, thus saving you even more money in the end. When you consider that, the device all but pays for itself if used regularly. Professional Dog Groomers are raving about this new tool, but it’s so easy to use that you really should have one– after all, does your groomer come over to your house and clean up the hair? No? Then you should have and use a Furminator.